"Hairspray" was a radical movie by the standards of radical filmmaker John Waters: it was his first film to earn a family-friendly PG rating, and the result was his most popular foray into mainstream filmmaking.

The story of a plus-sized teenage girl in early 1960s Baltimore who earns a spot on a local dance TV show, "Hairspray" was only a modest hit at the box office, earning just $8.3 million upon its release 25 years ago this week (on February 26, 1988). However, it has had a tremendous afterlife.

The period comedy spawned a Tony-winning Broadway musical smash, which then came full circle as a blockbuster movie musical in 2007. It also launched the careers of Ricki Lake and Colleen Fitzpatrick. Still, not everyone associated with "Hairspray"prospered; indeed, some met with heartbreak and tragedy in the months and years that followed. If you've wondered whatever happened to the makers of "Hairspray," read on.

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