Moviefone's New Release Pick of the Week"The Master"What's It About? All of the pre-release coverage for "The Master" focused on the film's thinly veiled profile of L. Ron Hubbard and the establishment of Scientology, but that's not really what the movie's about. Mainly, it's the story of a broken man (Joaquin Phoenix) who has been abandoned by society and is susceptible to manipulation. See It Because: Philip Seymour Hoffman is terrific as the mysterious Lancaster Dodd; Amy Adams surprises as his loyal, determined wife; and Phoenix's portrayal of the drunken, violent, disturbed Freddie Quell is one of the most hypnotic performances of all time.

New on DVD & Blu-ray"Chasing Mavericks"What's It About? Gerard Butler doesn't quite shine in this "inspirational" surfing drama that seems all too familiar. See It Because: Skip it.

"Freaky Deaky"What's It About? It's a Christian Slater movie... Hang on kimosabe! Christian Slater in 2013. See It Because: Skip it.

"Holy Motors"What's It About? Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue co-star in this French film about a mysterious man who walks through a secret door in his home and travels through a series of alternate lives, posing as a variety of figures. That's probably the easiest way to describe this trippy, but visually-engrossing fantasy. See It Because: If you can handle it... see it.

"How to Survive a Plague"What's It About? It didn't win the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature this weekend, but this look at the efforts to raise awareness for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS is an emotional, intense, and ultimately inspiring examination of activism. See It Because: See it.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2"What's It About? It's... it's like diamonds. See It Because: Critical reviews are irrelevant for this grand finale to the "Twilight Saga."

(Watch an Exclusive Clip from the "Breaking Dawn, Part 2" Blu-ray at the top of this post)

New to Blu-ray"Chronicle of a Summer" (Criterion Collection)

"The Hudsucker Proxy"

"Sansho the Bailiff" (Criterion Collection)
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