In the Cold War-era submarine movie "Phantom" -- in theaters this Friday -- Ed Harris plays an about-to-retire Russian captain who's forced to take one last voyage on a now-out-of-date ship. His crew includes a comrade on a mysterious mission (David Duchovny) who might put them all in peril.

Of course, peril is part of the job for able-bodied seamen. There are many ways to die at sea and movies have shown several grim ways to go: Radiation from a nuclear sub, drowning, fire -- and that's only if the men you're serving with don't turn against you, which is almost guaranteed.

However, instead of simply ranking our favorite submarine movies ever, we took a look at the ones that examine the dread and claustrophobia of being trapped underwater in cramped quarters with men who may lose their nerve -- or minds -- at any moment.

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