There's something inherently fascinating about party movies, isn't there? Audiences love to live vicariously through on-screen heroes and doofuses. From Porky's and Animal House to Superbad and Project X, we keep forking over money to see other people get wasted, make terrible decisions and ultimately have an amazing time.

This week marks the debut of another entry into the party movie category, 21 and Over. It's written and directed by the co-writers of a legendary post-party movie, The Hangover. It follows two college-age friends, Miller (Miles Teller of Project X) and Casey (Skylar Astin of Pitch Perfect), who try to give their frazzled pal Jeff Chang (Twilight's Justin Chon) the best 21st birthday party ever.

The only flaw with their plan is that Jeff Chang has a super important pre-med school interview at 8:00 the next morning, and his hard-ass father is breathing down his neck about it. Naturally, shenanigans ensue. The three wind up engaging in typical frat party stuff: chasing girls, sneaking into a sorority house, playing beer pong, doing keg stands, chugging gallons of milk and sending a dart through an alpha male cheerleader's perfect cheek. (Ok, maybe those last two aren't so typical.)

The flick may be somewhat formulaic as far as drunken shenanigans movies go, but it's certainly entertaining. The characters are likeable in spite of their obnoxious behavior, and their exploits are often laugh-out-loud funny. With yet another party movie hitting the theaters, what better time than now to reflect on some of the best movie parties ever? Here are the top five I would love to have been invited to.

1. Dazed and Confused. Ah, to be one with nature ... and beer (among other things). This outdoor fete had everything, including Matthew McConaughey, Adam Goldberg and plenty of high school girls (including the future Mrs. Beck, Marissa Ribisi). Best of all, nobody gets paddled!

2. Scream. Sure, several of the partygoers wind up dead. But before the blood starts spilling and everyone rushes off to see their dead principal, Fonzie, it seems like a pretty fun party, doesn't it? It even attracts local newswoman Gale Weathers!

3. Donnie Darko. Costume parties are the best! Especially at the Darko house while mom's out of town reaffirming her commitment to Sparkle Motion. Too bad Donnie has to leave early cuz of that whole "end of the world" thing.

4. Weird Science. Don't you just hate it when your hot lab creations throw ragers at your parents' house? Poor nerds. The party gets even crazier than they could have imagined when a gang of evil mutant bikers crashes it.

5. American Pie. The party at Stifler's house was so epic, it's made a permanent mark on the lexicon. Yup. The term MILF originated there, after John Cho and that other guy the portrait of Stifler's Mom and coined the term on the spot. (It's a good thing Cho went on to star in Harold & Kumar, otherwise he may have been cursed to be known as "MILF guy #2" forever, a la "MILF guy #1").

21 and Over opens in theaters on March 1.

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