With "The Hangover," co-writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore helped turn four hard-partying idiots and one crazy night into a billion dollar (and counting) franchise. So it only makes sense that they'd follow a similar formula for their directorial debut, "21 and Over," which is another feature-length ode to drunken debauchery, only set at college instead of Vegas.

It all starts when Casey (Skylar Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller) show up to surprise their high school buddy Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) and take him out for his 21st birthday. The only problem is, he has an important med school interview the next morning, and a seriously intimidating doctor dad (Francois Chau) who's more interested in pressuring his son into following in his footsteps than celebrating his birthday.

But because one quick beer and a midnight curfew wouldn't make for much of a movie (let alone a 21st birthday), the trio's semi-responsible evening soon turns into a marathon night of bar-hopping, which makes a seemingly easy task like taking a passed-out Jeff Chang home into an epic quest.

So just how wild did the guys' night get? And can "21 and Over" possibly reach the debased heights of "The Hangover"? To find out, I crunched the numbers.

(As always, like Jeff Chang's memory the morning after, the following math may be a little fuzzy.)

Favors Dr. Chang had to call in to get Jeff his interview: A lot Air horn blasts it takes to convince Jeff Chang to come out: 4

How many drinks Jeff Chang agrees to have: 1 How many drinks Jeff Chang actually has: 5 or more pints, 3 body shots, 3 regular shots, and the better part of a bottle of whiskey

Bars legally entered: 8 Parties attended: 2 Sororities infiltrated: 2 Campus hospitals and jails visited: 2

Time of Jeff Chang's important interview: 8 a.m. Time Dr. Chang is picking him up: 7 a.m. Time his friends promise he'll be home by: 12 a.m. Actual time he arrives home: 6:51 a.m.

Screen time Jeff Chang spends conscious: 20 percent Screen time Jeff Chang spends unconscious: 80 percent

People who know where Jeff Chang lives: Jeff Chang People who don't know where Jeff Chang lives: Everyone else

Times characters refer to Jeff Chang by anything other than his full name: 1

Bouncers humiliated: 4 Drinking games played: 7 Shots downed: At least 10 Shots fired: 1 People trampled by a buffalo: 4 Number of windows Jeff Chang gets thrown out of: 2 Number of windows your "best friends" should throw you out of: 0

Instances of nudity (female): 3 Instances of nudity (male): 5 Spankings administered: 4 Brandings administered: 2 Tube socks worn in a way they weren't intended: 2 Circumcisions performed via stuffed animal: 1 Feminine hygiene products eaten: 1 Innocent bar-goers urinated on: 7-10 Projectile vomits: 1

Time it takes the characters to figure out the movie's "big reveal": Over 85 minutes Time it takes the audience to figure out the movie's "big reveal": Under 15 minutes

Bad decisions made: Countless Total alcohol consumed: Enough to fell the average adult buffalo

"21 and Over" opens in theaters on March 1.

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