First Lady Michelle Obama knows some were critical of her appearance during this year's Oscars ceremony, and she's not surprised by it at all, attributing the chatter to today's ever-present need to discuss and dissect everything.

From the AP: "Shoot, my bangs set off a national conversation. My shoes can set off a national conversation. That's just sort of where we are. We've got a lot of talking going on," she said. "It's like everybody's kitchen-table conversation is now accessible to everybody else so there's a national conversation about anything."

Mrs. Obama was beamed on stage during last Sunday's presentation for Best Picture. After being introduced by Jack Nicholson, the First Lady announced that "Argo" had won the top prize of the night.

The AP also points out that this was not the first time a first lady has appeared during the Academy Awards. In 2002, Laura Bush showed up at the ceremony via videotape.

You can read more about Mrs. Obama's comments here.

[via AP]
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