Originating at Latino Review, and then confirmed (somewhat tenuously) by a Forbes article shortly thereafter, is a rumor that Christian Bale will return to the cape and cowl for an additional go-around as Batman in the upcoming "Justice League" movie. The report comes admist Christopher Nolan's finite ending to "The Dark Knight Rises," as well as comments stating that he was finished with the Bat for good.

The Forbes report also speculates that both of Nolan's confederates from this summer's "Man of Steel" -- director Zack Snyder (who previously helmed "300" and "Watchmen") and David S. Goyer (who was one of the co-architects of Nolan's Bat trilogy) -- could also be potentially involved in the "Justice League" project. This is a lot of "could," "potentially," "maybe" stuff, but it makes sense, especially with Warner Bros.' dogged commitment to turning the "Justice League" into a movie, despite a number of costly setbacks, cancellations, and reconfigurations.

Most notably, the film nearly got off the ground in 2008, under the direction of "Mad Max" director George Miller and producer Joel Silver (the entire "League" had been cast, too, with younger-skewering actors, including Armie Hammer as Batman). The huge financial and critical success of last summer's Marvel team-up movie "The Avengers" (which ended up grossing $1.5 billion worldwide) has put the pressure on a similar movie for the Warner Bros.-owned DC Universe, with the general consensus being that the studio wants to reverse engineer an "Avengers"-type film, using a "Justice League" flick to introduce a number of characters that could be spun off into their own movies. This is, of course, the exact opposite approach Marvel took, in which each stand-alone movie daisy-chained into "The Avengers."

You can read more about the rumor over on Latino Review.

[via Latino Review and Forbes]
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