Video interviews can be as harrowing for the press as it can be boring for the stars. Each journalist is given anywhere from four to 10 minutes to lob questions at an exhausted actor who's been doing the rounds for days, perhaps even in different time zones, and the results can be mediocre -- if you're lucky. There's not any time to get a real conversation going, so the end result can feel forced and weird.

That's why this interview with Mila Kunis for "Oz The Great and Powerful" is so darn charming. BBC Radio's Chris Stark actually has a conversation with the star, and while the details of it might not be incredibly salient to the viewer -- Stark describes, among other things, the drink he and his lads enjoy at their local pub -- it's probably the most fun Kunis has had doing the rounds for "Oz." Not only does the interview give the actress a chance to unwind, it shows what makes her such a compelling actress: her intelligence, charm, and sense of humor.

To those in the know, the most telling part of how tiring this process can be is when Kunis fires off enough "Oz"-related tidbits to make any editor or publicist happy. Stark doesn't even have to ask any questions.

You can check out the full interview above. "Oz The Great and Powerful" hits theaters this Friday.

[via Reddit]
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