You don't know Jack, but Leo does.

While promoting "Django Unchained" on a Japanese talk show, Leonardo DiCaprio was asked if he could do any impersonations.

"Well, uh, I do these Jack Nicholson eyebrows," he said, lifting his eyebrows and looking remarkably like his "The Departed" co-star.

Watch his uncanny, almost scary impression of Nicholson above (fast forward to 2:18).

And see Leo's eyebrows in action in GIF form.

DiCaprio also opened up about what he looks for in women (aside from being, you know, gorgeous models). "Ones with really great personalities," he said. "They have to be very clever and have a great sense of humor. Sense of humor the most."

Leo is set to appear next in "The Great Gatsby," hitting theaters May 10.

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