Mainstream moviegoers know director Joss Whedon best for his blockbuster action flick "The Avengers," which raked in over $1 billion and delighted Marvel fans and superhero neophytes alike. So they may be surprised to learn that the most explosive thing in his next movie is the barb-trading dialogue.

Whedon's adaptation of the Shakespeare classic "Much Ado About Nothing," whose trailer debuted today, is in many ways the polar opposite of "The Avengers" -- it had a shoestring budget, was shot in just 12 days in one location (Whedon's own home), and is presented in black and white. And while its signature witty banter might recall some of Tony Stark's most clever one-liners, "Much Ado"'s dialogue has the added bonus of being presented in its original Shakespearian verse.

"Much Ado About Nothing" is the ultimate romantic comedy, and features all the tropes that many audiences probably recall from their last trip to the cinema: young lovers, mistaken identities, and bickering, sworn enemy male and female leads who are bound to fall in love by the story's end. But "Much Ado" did all these stories first and best, and we're excited to see how Whedon handles the excellent source material.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to rave reviews. Here's hoping Whedon's "Avengers" cachet can convince non-Shakespeare fans to take a chance on the classic story when it hits wide release on June 7.

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