A new, full-length trailer for this summer's post-apocalyptic father-son action adventure (starring the real-life father-son duo of Will Smith and Jaden Smith) "After Earth" has debuted -- and overall it looks pretty cool.

The trailer gives us a look at Jaden's character, Kitai, a futuristic "Ranger," along with his father, Cypher, a strict disciplinarian, as the two set out on a mission together. But after their spaceship crashes on the now hostile alien planet known as Earth, Cypher sends Kitai out on a series of increasingly harrowing adventures to try and find a homing beacon in the tail section of their stingray spaceship. Unfortunately for them, evolved animal species now control the planet, ready-made to kill anything that stands in their path.

Overall, the film appears to be filled with nifty set pieces (including an insane-looking "flying squirrel" sequence) and nice visuals, but we're a little turned out by everyone's weird vague accent. Maybe in the future there are new countries and in those countries people speak with Elizabethan lilts? Not really sure.

Also of note: M. Night Shyamalan's name used to be synonymous with clever, twisty genre projects (and utilized in marketing materials as such). However, nowhere on the trailer does his name actually appear. Sorry, Night! We still have hope!

"After Earth" hits theaters everywhere June 7.
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