The marketing wizards at Pixar continue their push to brand "Monsters University," the prequel to 2001's "Monsters, Inc.," as a real school with the release of two more teasers that mimic the style of collegiate ad campaigns.

Featuring cheesy soft rock and dramatic narration, the spots paint Monsters University -- or MU, as it's shown emblazoned across T-shirts and hats worn by students -- as an idyllic college "where legacy and tradition are the gateway to new opportunities" and "diversity, integrity, and strength" are highly valued. Typical activities like studying in the library, playing in the marching band, and relaxing on the quad are given a unique twist, as all of the students at this school either have tentacles, purple skin, or three eyeballs.

The positive school PR is a clever way to provide audiences with more peeks at the film's universe and its two protagonists, Mike and Sulley, who starred as co-workers in "Monsters, Inc." and meet for the first time in "Monsters University." While the ads don't necessarily provide much new insight about the plot of "Monsters University," the glimpses of professors teaching "Scaring 101" and students reading books entitled "Scare Tactics" are fun, and certainly ramp up excitement for the film's June 21 release.

For more on "Monsters University," check out its website, where students are urged to "Excel in the art of extreme creepiness."

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