Every studio and publishing house is looking for the next "Hunger Games" trilogy, and it's entirely possible that they'll find it in Veronica Roth's "Divergent" series, another young adult novel set in a dystopian future where our heroine is torn between family and a new life.

In this story, people are divvied up into factions with strict rules of conduct and characteristics, such as the selfless people of the Abnegation faction or the brave and violent Dauntless. When you turn 16, you have to take an aptitude test -- sort of like the SATs but with electrodes! -- to find out which faction suits you best. It's a big deal to go from one faction to another, so when our heroine Tris tests for the Dauntless and leaves her family in Abnegation behind, it's wrenching and, as it turns out, dangerous.

The cast for the upcoming adaptation of "Divergent" is currently shaping up to be a strong one, with Shailene Woodley starring as Tris (aka Beatrice), who has a secret trait called Divergence that is explained in later books. Kate Winslet is confirmed for the cast as well, and one might guess she will be playing Tris's mother, Natalie. Maggie Q has signed on to play Tori, a tattooist among the Dauntless who becomes an important person in Tris's life, and Zoe Kravitz will play Christina, Tris's new best friend. Up-and-comer Ansel Elgort, who appears in "Carrie" this spring, will star as Tris's brother Caleb, who leaves his family in Abnegation to join the brainy Erudite faction.

One of the biggest roles yet to be cast is Tobias "Four" Eaton, a Dauntless faction member and love interest for Tris. Plenty of hot names have been bandied about, from Alex Pettyfer to Jeremy Irvine of "War Horse," but no one has stepped up to wear Four's tattoos. With a planned spring shooting date, someone needs to be brought on soon. As for Woodley, she told MTV that whoever plays Four should "be extremely masculine, and his eyes need to scream vulnerability and sensitivity. It's really hard to find in a dude, especially a dude who can act." Truth.

"Divergent" is currently slated for a March 21, 2014 release date.

[via THR]
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