Will Adam Sandler be showing us a slightly sweeter side now that he's paired up with his old co-star Drew Barrymore for a romantic comedy? According to Variety, the untitled flick, the stars' third together, is about two divorcees who go on a terrible blind date but find common ground when they show up at the same family resort with their kids from previous marriages.

Originally titled "Blended," the film will be directed by Frank Coraci, the man behind the duo's first on-screen outing "The Wedding Singer." Sandler's character in the film, lovelorn musician Robbie Hart, is one of his most popular, although plenty of comedy fans have enjoyed him in previous Coraci collaborations like "The Waterboy" and "Click." Sandler and Barrymore also sparked love in 2004's "50 First Dates," a weirdly funny rom-com about a man trying to woo a woman with short-term memory loss.

In 2012, Sandler voiced the lead character in the animated hit "Hotel Transylvania." However, his comedy, "That's My Boy" with Andy Samberg, was a bit of a disappointment at the box office. This year, Sandler has "Grown Ups 2," which is slated to open in July. The adorable Barrymore most recently appeared in 2012's family-friendly "Big Miracle" and the charming 2010 romcom "Going the Distance."

[via Variety]
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