In a bit of news that seems more at home in a Hollywood comedy, one Chinese mayor has suggested that real-life judges take a cue from foreign action films and courtroom dramas when deciding the outcome of important cases.

Huang Quifan, the leader of the Chinese city of Chongqing, might have been taking his movie fandom a bit too seriously when he addressed a panel at the People's Congress in Beijing on Monday and said that those genres -- which most moviegoers consider pure escapism meant for entertainment purposes only -- could actually help judges better perform their duties.

According to a story by news site and translated by The Hollywood Reporter, Huang told the panel that hero-driven action tales would instill in justices the notion that good always wins out over evil, and inspire them to render decisions rationally rather than emotionally when weighing the facts of a case. Huang also highly recommended that judges closely observe American courtroom dramas that depict jury trials and feature plaintiffs and defendants who try to heavily influence the outcome of a case.

Though Huang never mentioned any films by name, we can't help but believe he's delighted by Jack Nicholson's famous "You can't handle the truth!" courtroom outburst from "A Few Good Men," and recites dialogue along with John McClane every time he curls up to watch "Die Hard."

For more on the story, including what day of the week Huang thinks it best for judges to study these genres, check out THR's coverage.

[via THR]
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