Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett looked very happy at the New York City screening of their new movie "Olympus Has Fallen" on Monday.

The co-stars hugged and laughed on the red carpet, and posed with the film's director, Antoine Fuqua, at the event, held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

In "Olympus," the President of the Unites States (Aaron Eckhart) is kidnapped, and the White House is overrun by terrorists. The president's and the nation's safety lies in the hands of a disgraced presidential guard (Butler).

The film also stars Morgan Freeman. (Moviefone premiered an exclusive clip of Freeman from the movie on Tuesday).

Check out photos from the screening below, and catch "Olympus" in theaters on March 22.

Olympus Has Fallen Movie Poster
Olympus Has Fallen
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The unthinkable happens when heavily armed and highly trained terrorists launch a bold daytime attack... Read More

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