Sitting down to interview Abigail Breslin about her new movie "The Call" is a little surreal, especially if you are still thinking of her as the 10-year-old beauty pageant wannabe from "Little Miss Sunshine."

Breslin is now 16 and playing a kidnap victim whose only hope is the cell phone she happens to have in her pocket. She's able to reach 911 operator Halle Berry, but the phone is a "burner" so they can't zero in on her position. What follows is a tense chase as Breslin's character fights to stay alive while Berry and the police try to find her.

Diehard horror fan (who knew?) Breslin chatted with Moviefone about watching "Honey Boo Boo" to ward off nightmares, what's "very wrong" with her Wikipedia profile, and why a character we never even see in "The Call" is the real hero of the film.

Moviefone: After doing this movie, did you want to hire a bodyguard?Abigail Breslin: No. It is terrifying and it's definitely scary, but it's more scary to know that it could happen, so yeah, it definitely makes you look twice and gives you a different awareness.

Did it give you any nightmares? I didn't have any nightmares because I made a conscious effort when I was done filming every day to watch "Honey Boo Boo" or "Say Yes to the Dress," or something like that. That way I only dreamt of Honey Boo Boo at night.

What was the most important safety tip you picked up? I think having a cell phone. I never leave without my cell phone, it seems like "D'uh," but it's actually really important. I always say when talking about this movie -- and people will understand if they see it -- but thank god for Raul [Her friend's boyfriend, who constantly wants to keep tabs on her]! Because she would not have a phone without Raul.

It's true. And we never see him. I know, but Raul's, like, the hero of the movie! [Laughs]

In the movie, Halle Berry asks what your favorite movie is, and you say "Bridesmaids." What's your favorite movie in real life? Right now, I really love "Pitch Perfect." I really heart that movie. And I love "Bridesmaids" too, so when Casey says "Bridesmaids," I went, "Oh my god, I do love that movie. It's not even acting."

You're only 16, but you've already made a few R-rated movies. "Little Miss Sunshine" was R, and "Zombieland" was R. And so was "Janie Jones."

"The Call" feels darker than those. Yeah, it is dark. It's definitely the most terrifying one that I've done.

Are you a fan of thrillers? I'm a huge horror movie fan. Beyond belief.

What are some of your favorites? Old school: "The Shining" and "The Exorcist," obviously. Newer, I love "The Strangers" and "The Last Exorcism." "The Possession" was really good. I really liked "Dark Skies," I just saw that, it was awesome.

So you're a horror movie buff! I've seen a ton of obscure horror movies.

You've grown up in the public eye, and a lot of people probably still think of you as the little girl from "Little Miss Sunshine" or "Signs." Do you ever encounter that when you're taking a meeting for a role? I've been really lucky that people have accepted me growing up a little bit and that I've gotten to do such great characters in the past year. I feel like it's been a pretty smooth transition. I feel really lucky about that and I'm really grateful. But it's been fun.

Have you ever had anyone mistake you for actresses around your age, like Dakota Fanning or Chloe Grace Moretz? Yeah, sometimes. And it makes sense. It just happens when you see a face and you're trying to think of the name. I think the funniest thing that I got, I was walking down the street and I was filming "New Year's Eve." I had really long, blond hair at the time and I had this girl yell, "Oh my god, it's Hannah Montana! " I was like, "No, I'm not, sorry." And they were like "Hmm, it's just some chick named Abigail." They didn't care after that.

Is your mom still your manager? No, my mom has never been my manager.

Wikipedia is wrong! Wikipedia is very wrong. No, she's never been my manager. She's just my mom.

But does she help you decide which movies to do? I always like to go to her for advice on what she thinks of something, and my dad as well. So yeah, she gives mad advice on that.

What can you tell me about "Ender's Game?" Yeah, it's very cool. I'm very excited for it. It definitely stays true to the book and the sets are incredible, so hopefully the fans of the book will love it.

And what about "August: Osage County?" I just finished that. It's with Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep and Ewan McGregor and Benedict Cumberbatch, and amazing, amazing people. So to get to work with all of them was like being in an acting school. It was insane.

You've worked with such great actors so far. Is there anyone you haven't worked with that is on your wish list? I've been really lucky. I'd love to work with Michelle Williams. I think that she's incredible. She's such a great actress and I love her.

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