UPDATE (4/09/2013): Summit Entertainment has confirmed that Mekhi Phifer is signed on to play Max, and Ray Stevenson ("Dexter") will take on the role of Marcus. It has also been confirmed that shooting for "Divergent" has begun in Chicago.

UPDATE (3/21/2013): Summit Entertainment, the studio producing "Divergent," has confirmed that Oscar winner Kate Winslet will play the role of Jeanine Matthews.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Four's the charm for "Golden Boy" and "Downton Abbey" actor Theo James, who's been tapped to play the male lead in "Divergent."

Fans of the bestselling YA book have been eagerly following casting news, much like "Hunger Games" lovers did a couple years ago. With "The Descendants" star Shailene Woodley already on board to play the heroine, Beatrice "Tris" Prior, many wondered who would take on the role of her intense instructor, Four.

James, who broke out with a small role as Mr. Pamuk in the first season of "Downton Abbey," is currently starring in the CBS cop drama, "Golden Boy." He told Entertainment Weekly, "As an actor, I am excited to explore and play this incredibly complex and mysterious character."

In the futuristic setting of the book, people have organized themselves into five factions. Tris and Four are both members of the brave and courageous Dauntless faction, but Tris discovers she's actually "divergent" - someone who doesn't belong to a single group - and considered dangerous.

Other actors cast or circling the project include:

- Kate Winslet, who will reportedly play the cold and calculating Erudite faction leader, Jeanine Matthews

- Aaron Eckhart, who is in talks to come on board, possibly in the role of Four's father, Marcus

- Ray Stevenson, who is also in talks to play Beatrice's father, Abnegation faction leader Andrew Prior

- Maggie Q, who has been cast as Tori, a Dauntless tattoo artist who administers Beatrice's faction test

- Zoe Kravitz, who will play Christina, a fellow Dauntless initiate who befriends Tris

- Newcomer Ansel Elgort, who plays Tris's brother, Caleb

- Jai Courtney, who has been cast as Eric, a brutal and sadistic leader of the Dauntless faction

- And rumor has it that Miles Teller, Woodley's "Spectacular Now" co-star, will play antagonistic bully Peter

Are you excited about the "Divergent" casting news? Is Theo James a good choice to play Four? Sound off in the comments below!

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