Jude Law is burning up.

The actor filed suited against Canadian fireplace company Paloform on allegations that they used his face in their marketing materials.

Law claims that Paloform used unauthorized images of himself in advertising on their website, as well as on the company's Facebook and Pinterest pages. He is asking the Los Angeles Superior Court to order Paloform to stop using his likeness and to pay him unspecified damages.

As TMZ noted (and we confirmed by trolling the interwebs) there are no images of Law currently up on any of Paloform's online properties.

The suit describes Law as "one of the most recognized, highly regarded, critically acclaimed, and commercially valuable motion picture actors in the world." (And, apparently, one of the most self-confident.)

Just in case he needed to prove it, Law's IMDb profile is included as a supporting document.

[via TMZ]

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