Tina Fey may not be in "Anchorman 2" (at least, not that we know of), but she has no problem dreaming up a potential role for herself in the sequel, which is actually what she did during Moviefone's latest Unscripted, with her "Admission" co-star (and "Anchorman 2" lead) Paul Rudd.

"This is such a good question!" Fey exclaimed.

"Well I think you'd be much more qualified than any of us in the news team," Rudd joked. He also had a couple of suggestions on where the former "30 Rock" star would fit in with the cast. You can check out what he said in the video above.

Also, can we make this Fey-in-"Anchorman 2" thing happen, like, now?

Fey and Rudd's movie, "Admission," hits theaters March 22. Keep an eye on Moviefone this week for more from our "Admission" Unscripted session.
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