Melissa McCarthy is the latest cool guest star to make a pit stop at "Sesame Street" to educate kids and entertain their parents. PBS released a teaser for her appearance, which is slated for March 21, and it shows a sweet and funny side to the comic actress that will be familiar to fans of her earlier work on "Gilmore Girls." Of course, chances are good that you've also enjoyed her performances in more recent fare like "Bridesmaids" and are looking forward to her upcoming movie "The Heat" with Sandra Bullock, too. Basically, any time you put McCarthy on camera, she's gonna steal it.

In the clip, the wonderfully game actress stops by Elmo's pad to shake a tail feather, with help from a penguin choreographer. Can we hope for an appearance on "Yo Gabba Gabba!" soon?

The long list of important people who've found their way to Sesame Street includes luminaries like Cab Calloway, Buzz Aldrin, Alice Walker, Hillary Clinton, and Anderson Cooper, all willing to loosen up for a little educational lesson and a few laughs. Jon Hamm will be visiting this season as well, although chances are good that he will leave Don Draper at home. On the other hand, we can hope for a "Mad Men"/"Sesame Street" mash-up along the lines of "Upside Downton Abbey"!

[via TheWrap]
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