"The Host" premiered in L.A. on Tuesday, and the movie's stars were out in full force (but not fully clothed) on the red carpet.

While the sc-fi romance revolves around a pair of star-crossed lovers who have to battle body-snatching aliens, there was no extraterrestrial activity during the movie's premiere at the ArcLight in Hollywood -- just some body-revealing dresses! Diane Kruger, who plays the villainous Seeker, wore a sleeveless black dress with see-through side panels that showed just enough skin. Eighteen-year-old star Ronan showed off her legs in a red minidress.

The movie's other stars, including Max Irons and Jake Abel were on hand, as was "The Host" mastermind Stephanie Meyer.

Check out the skin-bearing outfits in the photos below, then see "The Host," in theaters March 29.

The Host
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