Sometime in the near future, The Force might be with you the next time you book your vacation to a stateside Disney theme park.

Slashfilm posted a series of screen grabs, originally from the forums of popular Disney site Micechat, in which a park visitor is asked a series of questions about whether or not they would look forward to an entire "Star Wars"-themed land. Disney, of course, recently purchased Lucasfilm for more than $4 billion and have quickly set about making the most of their investment, hiring JJ Abrams as the director of a new "Star Wars" feature and actively developing new projects across the board (spin-off films, new animated television series, etc.)

The questions in the survey are sometimes hilarious -- like asking which trilogy do you prefer, the original or the prequels (duh) -- but can occasionally be very telling. For instance, the wording on one of the survey questions is about whether or not you'd want to see a "Star Wars"-themed land in the "Disneyland Resort." Right now they're looking at placing the new "Star Wars" land next door, at the California Adventure theme park, or possibly saving it for the property's third gate, which will open sometime in the next decade (seriously).

There are also, of course, questions about what kind of merchandise you'd be interested in purchasing at this supposed land.

But fans of Orlando's Walt Disney World, fret not. Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, which hosts the annual "Star Wars" Weekends (where you can buy a personalized, carbonite-frozen mold of yourself and interact with people like the dude who played Boba Fett), is planning a similar expansion, with the backlot section of the park being divvied up between a "Star Wars"-themed land and an east coast version of Carsland, based on the Pixar "Cars" films, which opened at Disney California Adventure this past summer.

Currently, both stateside parks (as well as a number of the international parks) contain the Star Tours ride, which was recently revamped (in 3D, no less), as well as a Jedi Training Academy live show where little kids can test out their Force powers (it's pretty cute).

It will also be interesting to see if these plans carry over to the parks they are building now - in addition to the third gate in California and the fifth gate in Florida (whoops, did I say that?), there are new parks opening up in China and South America in the next few years. May the Force be with them, too?

[via SlashFilm]

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