The first "Ninja Turtle" has been found.

The upcoming live-action/CGI movie version of the beloved animated TV series has cast "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" actor Alan Ritchson as the red-masked Raphael, according to Deadline.

"Ninja Turtles," produced by Michael Bay and directed by Jonathan Liebesman, will use motion capture technology (like the kind used in "Avatar") instead of costumes like the previous three live-action adaptations.

While the other three Ninja Turtles -- leader Leonardo, jokester Michaelangelo, and brainy Donatello -- have yet to be cast, Megan Fox is on board to play reporter April O'Neil.

Although the new movie will be based on the original comic book series, Bay previously revealed that the mutant aspect has been dropped (which is why it's not in the title) and the turtles will be aliens, instead. Also dropped: the turtles as teens.

No word yet on whether the movie will have any "pizza time."

[via Deadline]
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