Happy Birthday William Shatner. The Montreal-born actor turns 82 today but judging from his twitter account he's still hard at work entertaining fans, tweeting to astronauts and more.

Shatner, is of course, best known for his role as Star Trek's Captain Kirk. For three seasons and seven movies, Shatner created one of the most iconic science-fiction characters ever.

More recently, Shatner has also received praise for his role as Denny Crane in Boston Legal.

In honour of Shatner's 82nd birthday we look back at our eight favourite William Shatner (OK, Captain Kirk) moments, one for each decade.

Did we miss your favourite Kirk moment? Tell us below in the comments!

8. Kirk Meets Abe Lincoln What the heck? How did Abe Lincoln get aboard the Enterprise?

7. Kirk and the Tribbles

Hey?! How did all these tribbles get in the grain storage compartments. Oh man.

6. Stopping Dr. McCoy

Sometimes when you travel through time you have to stop your friend from saving the life of a woman he loves. Time travel sucks.

5. Risk Is Our Business You tell'em Captain Kirk!

4. Kirk Fights Spock

Love does strange things to a Vulcan. Luckily Kirk is there to save the day.

3. Kirk Fights The Gorn

An 8-foot tall killer alien lizard vs. Captain Kirk. Pfft. Advantage Kirk obviously.

2. Spock's Death Scene

Two of the best sci-fi actors of their generation. Spock's death scene may also be one of the most moving moments in all of Star Trek.

1. Khaaaaaan The yell heard across the galaxy. Shatner's iconic rage yell from The Wrath Of Khan has been imitated but never duplicated! %VIRTUAL-MtGallery-236SLIDEEXPAND--287901%
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