Brad Pitt's big budget adaptation of Max Brooks's wildly entertaining novel "World War Z," has had a long, tortured journey to the big screen. In June we'll be able to see if all that hard work behind the film paid off. However, if the new trailer is any indication, the film will, at the very least, be pretty epic.

The new trailer starts off similarly to the teaser, with Brad Pitt, his wife Michelle Enos (from "The Killing"), and their kids finding themselves in the midst of the zombified apocalypse and having to escape. From there, we get a little bit more plot -- Pitt is a UN official who leaves his family to try and identify where the zombie outbreak started and if there's a viable option for how to contain it. We get glimpses of James Badge Dale's character, who plays a soldier who tries to warn the world about the impending apocalypse, and a snaggle-toothed David Morse as a prisoner (and possible CIA asset) who might know more than he lets on.

Of course, the real moments of awe come from the amazingly intricate sequences of zombies literally hurling themselves at helicopters. These scenes, or at least the snippets we see here, are genuinely terrifying and grand. As someone gravely intones, "Every one we save is one less we have to fight." The trailer ends with an intense sequence set on a cramped airplane, which answers the question, "Is there any way to make air travel even worse?" Yes! Just add zombies!

The flesh-eaters from "World War Z" attack theaters on June 21, 2013.
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