Why should Channing Tatum save the country in a suit when he can do it in a wife-beater? (Then, he can flash double the guns!)

In the new trailer for this summer's action thriller "White House Down," Tatum's police officer starts out suited up, but loses his jacket, shirt, and tie somewhere along the line. We're not complaining, per se (seriously, those arms are ridiculous), but it brought to mind all those other world-saving heroes who've done their battling a bit underdressed. Some other other clothing-option action movies:

"Die Hard" Guess they don't teach keeping your shirt on at the police academy. John McClane (Bruce Willis) often gets his top torn or singed off. Luckily, he too has a bicep-revealing wifebeater on to keep him modest.

"Terminator 2" Robots don't need no clothes! Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't even need a flimsy bit of white cotton; he can do his terminating stark naked.

"Alien" Women can kick butt while barely wearing anything covering theirs, too! After an alien checks out Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in her teeny cotton bikini panties, she ejects it into space. That's what you get for peeping!

"300" Nobody is wearing much of anything. No wonder they all die.

"Tomb Raider" Angelina is all arms and legs in tiny short-shorts and a curve-clinging tank top. No doubt a lot of guys would've switched majors in college if they knew archaeologists dressed like that.

"The Fifth Element" Not being entirely human, Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) can follow the beat of her own fashion drum in a doesn't-hide-a-thing bandage contraption

"Catwoman" Cats might need fur to keep warm, but Halle Berry is hot enough on her own. Her Catwoman's fighting costume bares all - back, abs, thighs, and cleavage. Except, of course, the top half of her face (can't have anyone knowing who she is).

"X-Men" Mutants only bother with clothes as disguises. Otherwise, Wolverine is often shirtless (showing off that adamantium-supported physique), while in her true state, Mystique is totally naked (albeit with a blue coating).

Any movies you would add to this list? Leave them in the comments below!

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