Yesterday, at a "White House Down" press event in New York City, star Jamie Foxx (who plays a president who comes under fire when some very bad dudes take over the Executive Office) and director Roland Emmerich ("2012," "Independence Day") were on hand to discuss the similarities and differences between Foxx and our current Commander-in-Chief. They also showed off about ten minutes of footage, in addition to the just-released trailer.

"I am not doing an impression of Obama," Foxx said, explicitly. This was followed by a roughly three-minute monologue/impression of the President, which was spot on to the point of eliciting hearty giggles from the packed room.

Foxx went on: "Although certain times I do Obama-type things." The suggestion was that he might throw in a phrase or word that rings true with the real-life President, but that's about where the parallels end. Emmerich, for his part, nodded approvingly.

And, judging by the footage, unless Obama is incredibly attached to his Air Jordans, gets into likely mismatched buddy-movie scenarios with a wanna-be Secret Service agent who looks like Channing Tatum, and has fired a machine gun into the back of a brawny bad guy, we're likely to believe Foxx on this one.

"White House Down" will be in theaters June 28.
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