You know things are going to go badly when someone says, "I've watched a lot of movies; I know what I'm doing!" And that's just what happens in the red-band trailer for "Pain and Gain," the upcoming caper comedy from Michael Bay. Yes, that Michael Bay has turned a true crime story about bodybuilders who want to get rich quick by ripping off a local criminal into a small-budget (for Bay, anyway) movie.

Here, Anthony Mackie, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Mark Wahlberg star as the trio of meatheads who decide they're tired of being low men on the totem pole. Wahlberg's character has an affinity for self-help, as evidenced by a bizarro cameo by Ken Jeong, while Mackie's guy has whatever the opposite of 'roid rage is. Rebel Wilson appears as a nurse with some super juicy jokes, and Tony Shalhoub leaves his thoughtful and neurotic "Monk" behind to get tasered in slow-mo.

There's a lot of action in this new trailer, as well as a fair amount of cussing, huge, huge muscles (seriously, Johnson and Wahlberg have muscles on top of muscles in this film), and an amputated toe. Sure, there's plenty of money, fast cars, half-naked ladies, and cool guys walking away from explosions, but this isn't your ordinary Michael Bay production.

"Pain and Gain" will be pumping you up in theaters on April 26.

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