After teasing us with snippets, "The Wolverine" trailer is finally here. The national and international trailers aren't much different, but the international version does give us a better look at the problems our hero is facing, and who might be trying to undermine his superhero strengths.

In the two-minute domestic clip, which you can watch above, we meet up with Logan in Japan, where he is leading a desolate and shaggy-haired life. However, after a bar fight pushes him a little too far, those razor-sharp claws of his come out (naturally). Luckily the group of drunken dudes who are about to get torn to pieces are saved in the nick of time by a young woman who's been searching for Logan to help out her dying employer, a man whom Logan once saved. The man offers Logan some tasty physical upgrades, which you can see in full effect during a fight between Wolverine and a bushel of baddies.

This trailer is full of everything. A lady peels off her face (is it Viper?); Hugh Jackman flexes his giant, beefy muscles and his equally impressive facial hair; a samurai attacks Wolverine; and there's lots of growling.

Check it out the domestic trailer above and the international version below, and let us know in the comments if you think it was worth the wait.

"The Wolverine" slashes its way into theaters on July 26.

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The Wolverine
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