Moviefone's New Release of the Week"Lincoln"What's It About? Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis take on the story of The Great Emancipator in "Lincoln." The film centers on honest Abe's final months in office, trying to unite a divided country and abolish slavery. See It Because: With the incomparably method Day-Lewis at the forefront, looking like the spitting image of the 16th President, he successfully altered the public's perception of Lincoln -- and went on to win an unprecedented third Academy Award for Best Actor .

New on DVD & Blu-ray"Easy Money"What's It About? Three men -- a status-chasing business student, a two-bit crook, and a single-dad mafia hitman -- collide in this heavy, stylish Swedish crime thriller. In or Out?: In.

"The Collection"What's It About? A poor man's version of the "Saw" franchise tries to get a sequel off the ground, and fails. In or Out?: Out.

"The Comedy"What's It About? "Adult Swim" comedian Tim Heidecker stars in a intentionally not-funny skewering of trust-fund Brooklyn hipsters and their insufferable ironic detachment from real life; if you're a fan of Andy Kauffman at his most confrontational, you'll be prepared for this one. In or Out?: In, if you're up for a challenge.

"Killing Them Softly"What's It About? Brad Pitt leads an all-star cast of grizzled dudes (like Ray Liotta and James Gandolfini) as a Mob enforcer who goes after dumb criminals that rob a Mob card game. It's tough, it pulls no punches, and it's charmingly thuggish. In or Out?: In.

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"Parental Guidance"What's It About? Bette Midler and Billy Crystal star as grandparents in a sweet family comedy that means well but plays a little too corny for young hip crowds. In or Out?: Out, unless you can relate.

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"A Royal Affair"What's It About? Broaden your international pallet with this Oscar-nominated Danish film about a love triangle between a young queen, her mad husband, and the educated physician that enters the kingdom. In or Out?: In.

"To the Arctic"What's It About? Meryl Streep narrates this documentary (originally presented in 3D IMAX) about a mother polar bear surviving a changing Arctic landscape with twin cubs; come for the beautiful cinematography and cute animals, stay for important lesson about preserving our environment. In or Out?: In.

New to Blu-ray"The Atomic Kid"

"The Devil and Miss Jones"

"From Beyond" Collector's Edition

"Hell's Half Acre"


"Jurassic Park"

"The Lawless Nineties"

"Little Fugitive"

"A Man Betrayed"

"A Man Escaped" Criterion Collection


"Monsieur Verdoux" Criterion Collection

"Panic in the Streets"

"Phantasm II" Collector's Edition

"Ruthless" (1948)

"The Sandlot" 20th Anniversary Edition

"The Song of Bernadette"

"The Squid and the Whale"

"The Sun Shines Bright"

"Westward Ho"

"Wyoming Outlaw"
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