Load up the station wagon: Clark Griswold is taking another vacation.

Variety reports that Chevy Chase will likely reprise his role as Griswold in the new "Vacation" movie. Beverly D'Angelo, who played his patient wife, Ellen, is also in early talks to come back. Producers of the remake reportedly made an extra effort to secure the pair's return to the franchise.

The original Griswolds would join star Ed Helms, who plays a grown-up version of their son, Rusty, taking his own family on a freewheeling vacation, no doubt filled with mishaps and misadventures. Christina Applegate recently signed on to play Rusty's wife, who is said to be losing interest in her husband.

Chase and D'Angelo would appear in cameo roles, with Rusty and his family making a pit stop on their vacation to visit his parents. No word on whether that trip also involves a visit to Walley World.

[via Variety]

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