Moviefone's New Release of the Week"John Dies at the End"What's It About? The cult comic horror novel -- about twenty-something slackers who discover an inter-dimensional invasion occurring through the use of a psychoactive drug -- gets a film adaptation that's just as trippy as the story on the page. See It Because: If you're looking for a midnight movie then you'll be hard pressed to do better than the pedigree attached to this one (Paul Giamatti co-stars and the film is directed by Don "Phantasm" Coscarelli)

Moviefone's Blu-Ray of the Week"Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled"What's It About? This box set contains (deep breath): "Iron Man," "Iron Man 2," "The Incredible Hulk," "Captain America" (2D and 3D), "Thor" (2D and 3D), and "The Avengers (2D and 3D). See It Because: You need a reason?

New on DVD & Blu-ray"The Baytown Outlaws"What's It About? Eva Longoria and Billy Bob Thornton star in a shoot-em-up southern comedy that you've never heard about -- and for good reason. In or Out?: Out

"Freeloaders"What's It About? Comedy troupe Broken Lizards (makers of "Super Troopers" and "Beerfest" among other cult comedy hits) produce and co-star in this slacker comedy about wacky! roommates. If only they had a hand in writing it, too. In or Out?: Out

"Hemingway & Gellhorn"What's It About? This HBO telefilm chronicles the relationship between famed writers Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gelhorn, with Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman assuming the daunting roles. It's loaded with talented actors, but the production is too long, too crammed, and too corny. In or Out?: Out

"Stitches"What's It About? A low-rent clown returns from the dead to get revenge on the bratty kids who inadvertently caused his demise. There's a fine line between clever and stupid, and this movie's attempt to be funny, scary, and weird -- and all on a tiny budget -- leads to it missing the mark. In or Out?: Out

"The Sweeney"What's It About? Ray Winstone stars as a tough-as-nails detective who has to go against his boss's orders to clean up the streets; imagine the most predictable cop story ever through the lens of typically stylish British crime capers. In or Out?: Out

New to Blu-ray"Hello, Dolly!"
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John Dies at the End
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