While Hollywood seems to be overly sequel-happy these days, this one, alas, is too good to be true.

A trailer for "Pineapple Express 2" made its way around the Internet this morning, purporting to reunite stars Seth Rogen and James Franco with supporting players Craig Robinson and Danny McBride -- all to the tune of the original film's soundtrack highlight, MIA's "Paper Planes." Unfortunately for fans of the comedy, it was just Hollywood's way of saying April Fools.

The goofy clip -- which is decidedly low-budget, and features Franco and Rogen toking and choking and wearing the same costumes from the first film -- is in reality another promo for the upcoming apocalypse comedy "This Is the End," which features Rogen, Franco, Robinson, McBride, and a slew of other Apatow-adjacent actors. The premise is that the bored heroes, stuck inside because of said apocalypse, have taken to making on-the-fly sequels to their films for their own entertainment.

It's a short but sweet promo, touting the would-be follow-up as "the most anticipated sequel in human history," and featuring McBride wielding a weapon fashioned out of a baseball bat and Jonah Hill doing a Woody Harrelson impression. Even though it's a bit of a tease, the red band clip is a fun "what if?" and ramps up excitement for "This Is the End." Here's hoping we'll see even more similar sequels when the movie opens June 14.

[via Yahoo! Movies]
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