Disney's proposed big-budget remake of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," this time helmed by "The Social Network" auteur David Fincher and written by "Side Effects" scribe Scott Z. Burns, seems to be in a perpetual state of almost-happening. But it looks like it could finally be nearing actual production thanks to a very big kickback from the Australian government.

The Aussies have offered Disney a one-time payment of $22.5 million for the studio to shoot "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" in Australia (it's the largest inducement ever offered to a Hollywood production). While the report says that the official green light is still dependent on casting, it's likely that this could be enough to get Disney to at least sign off on more advance pre-production activity (this is going to be a 3D movie set on water, which always proves a logistical nightmare).

As far as giant franchise projects go, this could be one of the biggest and the best. Fincher is an unparalleled visual storyteller and we're sure that his take on the classic material will be truly exciting (can you imagine what he would do with the squid attack from the original film?) While everything related to "20,000 Leagues" seems like it could potentially fall apart at any moment, at least the Australian government has given the movie nearly 23 million reasons to give it the go-ahead.

[via THR]
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