In Hollywood, what's old is new again. And again.

This weekend, the gore-slicked "Evil Dead" remake crawls its way into theaters nationwide. And even if you have no idea what "Evil Dead" is, you probably have the vague understanding that it's a remake (or "reboot," as the kids are calling it these days). It is, in fact, a remake of a beloved cult classic from 1981 (and incorporates elements from its two equally cultish sequels - 1987's "Evil Dead II" and 1992's "Army of Darkness").

So, of course, when hearing that it's a remake (especially a remake of a beloved horror movie), the initial response is to assume that it sucks. Because, well, most horror remakes are horrible.

But not all horror remakes suck! Which is a big distinction to keep in mind. Some even (gasp!) improve upon the original in some pretty profound ways. In fact, we've rounded up five of the very best horror remakes to scientifically prove, once and for all, that not all horror remakes suck. (Keep in mind that no science was actually involved in the creation of this list.)
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