Who's that covered in all that blood? Oh, it's just Carrie. Again.

If you're like us, you've been anxiously awaiting the trailer for the talent-packed (Julianne Moore! Chloe Grace Moretz!) remake of "Carrie." Brian De Palma's 1976, Sissy Spacek-starring horror flick (based on the Stephen King novel) may not have been perfect, but it certainly had enough going on (Piper Laurie's appropriately over-the-top performance, for one) to warrant the question How're you going to top that?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the trailer has dropped, and we finally have a real glimpse of the look, feel, and tone of Kimberly Peirce's ("Boys Don't Cry") modern-day stab at the story of a telekinetically-inclined high-school student with a mom who thinks puberty is the Devil's playground.

Watch the trailer, take a moment, and decide: Are you excited for the reboot of "Carrie"?

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An awkward, bullied teenager (Chloƫ Grace Moretz) uses her telekinetic powers to get even. Read More

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