Want to see "Jurassic Park 3D" this weekend but don't want the inconvenience of strangers coughing on you, the indignity of rude ushers, and the burden of wearing actual pants? Well, for around $35,000, you can have the privilege of seeing a 20-year old movie that runs on pay cable at least twice a day, in glorious 3D and in the privacy of your own home.

According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, a new company called Prima Cinema is offering people with the cash this exclusive, unprecedented chance. To explain: Prima (which is backed by both Universal Pictures and Best Buy Capital) installs a special box in your home, if you have the right home theater set up. This box will cost you $35,000. The box allows films to be projected and, more importantly, to be securely delivered over the internet. Then, for select movies (only a handful of which have been made available), you purchase a 24-hour viewing window for $500. Sadly, you have to pop your own popcorn.

This is a kind of super deluxe version of a distribution model that has been talked about and tinkered with for the past few years, allowing movies that premiere in the cinema a premium window in your very own home. The Hollywood Reporter notes that in 2011, Universal made releases available on DirecTV for $30 a mere 60 days after their theatrical bow, but the experiment immediately faltered. While it is obviously out of the price range for most Americans, this is a convenient luxury for the incredibly wealthy, including, according to the report, Seth MacFarlane. Should we all meet over at his place tonight for "Jurassic Park" 3D? Bring your own glasses.

[via THR]
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