This weekend sees the re-release of Steven Spielberg's dino masterpiece, "Jurassic Park." Celebrating its twentieth anniversary (in part as a way of making me feel really old), the film has undergone a conversion to 3D. Ignore all the haters -- when done well (and here it's done impeccably!) post-coverted films can be things of wonder and beauty.

Its bravura execution had us wondering what other films of Spielberg would also benefit from being converted. With both "Jurassic Park" and "Tin Tin," it's clear that Spielberg is a master at making sure that things are done right on the 3D front. We accept the fact that we don't need to convert any film in order to enjoy it, but for the sake of argument, here's a series of films that would look darn fine properly presented on a giant screen, with impeccable sound and a capably executed process of dimensionalization.

This isn't just a case of picking favorite Spielberg films (we're leaving off a couple of his best, including "Raiders of the Lost Ark," a film that's so much a product of other films should of course look as much as possible like the films it echoes). Here, then, are five and a half films of Spielberg's we'd love to see in 3D:

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Jurassic Park
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