It's quite rare for a movie about a person's life to be 100 percent correct. Dramatic flavor, poetic license, romanticization, sugar coating, and other means to create entertainment out of real life understandably causes the occasional fact to go out the window. Although it's sometimes just a matter of accidental fallacy, people tend to have a field day with biographical blunders. (We will likely soon be hearing about inaccuracies in the new Jackie Robinson biopic "42," opening this weekend.)

Granted, many wrongs are pointed out only through those who experienced the events first hand, and a lot of these are subjective offenses about how persons are portrayed or characterized. There's also great issue taken with whitewashed depictions, as well. Then there are the easily provable errors, like when Congressman Joe Courtney made a big deal earlier this year about an incorrect vote count spotted in "Lincoln" regarding Connecticut's approval of the 13th Amendment.

Below are infamous inaccuracies from biopics, each of which is found faulty with simple research and debunked with quite accessible evidence.
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