Scientists have assured us that the genetically engineered resurrection of the dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" could never happen in real life, but that hasn't stopped one eccentric billionaire from attempting the next best thing.

Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer -- who seems to be a living version of John Hammond, the man who builds the original Jurassic Park in the film -- has plans to fill two parks with hundreds of robotic, life-size dinosaurs who will heave their chests, swing their tails, and blink their eyes. One park, Palmer Coolum Resort on Australia's Sunshine Coast, will feature 165 of the animatronics, including Jeff the T-Rex, who already resides there along with an omeisaurus named Bones. The other resort, to be built in central China, will be home to 117 more of the dinosaurs.

"If you've seen Jeff and Bones, well you haven't seen anything yet," Palmer said.

Though local Australian news sources report that Sunshine Coast lawmakers are unhappy with Palmer's plans, fearing it will cheapen the resort, that's not stopping Palmer from realizing his dream. In fact, this latest lavish idea is par for the course for the billionaire, who earlier this year announced plans to construct the Titanic II, an exact replica of the doomed luxury liner.

The new ship will have it all -- including Turkish baths, a gymnasium, and grand staircase -- and also feature three different class sections. Moviegoers may remember that doomed lovers Jack and Rose hung out in the third class steerage section in the 1997 film "Titanic," and many of their friends drowned down there. Palmer plans to sail the ship along the same route the Titanic took -- and has promised there will be plenty of lifeboats should the vessel encounter another iceberg.

It must be nice to have piles of cash to play with and recreate every fantasy you see on the big screen, and that seems to be Palmer's goal with his dinosaurs and cruise ship.

"I want to spend the money I've got before I die," he said.

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