Moviefone got a sneak peek at "Elysium" footage a few days ago, and suffice it to say, we're pretty psyched for Neil Blomkamp's sci-fi actioner. Now you can see for yourself why it looks like one of the most interesting films coming out this summer.

In the year 2154, rich people like Jodie Foster's Secretary Rhodes live on the gorgeous, peaceful space station of Elysium. Life for those left on Earth, though, sucks, and Matt Damon's bald head is here to tell us all about it. As Max, an ex-con who only has five days to live, he gets physically jacked up -- pass the bonesaw! -- so he and his buds can infiltrate Elysium and save his life.

Damon looks amazing in his crazy biomech suit, and the action is as stunning as the eponymous station, which is about to get a crash course on what life is like for the other half back on Earth. When we spoke with the Oscar-winner at Comic-Con last year, he described the suit as "an exoskeleton. They call it a hulk suit. It's based on something the military is working on now, to actually help with weight distribution to carry things. What Neill's done is in the future, this thing is something that bolts into and locks into your nervous system so it actually makes you stronger." Yikes!

If you haven't seen writer/director Neill Blomkamp's awesome movie "District 9," we highly suggest you watch it post-haste. In a world where remakes and reboots are the order of the day, Blomkamp's vision is exciting and fresh, as well as politically relevant.

You can visit "Elysium" on August 9.

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