Kevin Zegers may be Canadian, but while shooting "The Colony" at a now-defunct underground NORAD base in chilly North Bay, Ontario, even he was cold.

"The Colony," also co-starring Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, is a dark film about survival that takes place after a very wintery apocalypse. Sam (Zegers) is one of a few hundred survivors who live in remote colonies, and things start to go awry as more and more people contract a mysterious flu-like illness -- not to mention a wandering group of savages who show up at Sam's colony door.

Unquestionably raw and harsh, Zegers' Sam carries the film; he starts off as rather meek, and by movie's end has developed a hard edge that only comes with suffering. Moviefone Canada sat down with Zegers to talk about filming yet another movie in his native Canada, using real snow, and the ultimate tip for surviving the apocalypse.

Watch the video interview, above.

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