Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling had to become seriously good drivers for their roles in "The Place Beyond the Pines."

In this exclusive clip, Gosling, Cooper, and director Derek Cianfrance take us through an intense scene that required the leading men to double as stuntmen.

Gosling plays a new father in the film, who, in his desperation to provide for his child, goes on a spree of bank robberies. In this scene, the actor had to perform a pretty precarious stunt on the motorcycle he'd just learned to ride. According to Cianfrance, it could've cost him his life. Can you imagine a world without Ryan Gosling? We can't.

Cooper, who plays a rookie cop in the film, also had to brush up on his stunt driving for the scene, in which his character pursues Gosling after he flees a robbery. Because the scene is so tightly-shot, Cooper had to do all the driving himself.

Watch and learn.
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