Baseball season may be officially underway, but with April weather notoriously unpredictable, it's not exactly prime time to be spending an evening at the ballpark. Fortunately for movie fans, there's a more climate-controlled way to get your spring baseball fix: "42," which arrives in theaters this Friday.

Starring relative unknown Chadwick Boseman as the Dodger legend, "42" follows Jackie Robinson's barrier-breaking journey from the Negro Leagues to his first season with the Brooklyn Dodgers. And while the film's admittedly a little hokey at times, threatening to take a genuine real-life hero and reduce him to a formulaic icon, as a beginner's guide to one of sport's most rousing stories, it's hard not to root for "42."

Besides, it's also the perfect excuse to play armchair GM and reflect on some of our favorite fictional ballplayers to ever lace up a pair of cleats. The ground rules? No real-life players, and no more than two names from the same movie. So in honor of "42," here's who cracked Moviefone's starting lineup. Feel free to nominate your own in the comments below.

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In 1946, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford), legendary manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, defies major league... Read More

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