If the new trailer for "Now You See Me" is any indication, it looks like this film will be a ton of fun for fans of bank heists, magic tricks, and sticking it to The Man. Here, Jesse Eisenberg stars as the leader of The Four Horsemen, a group of flashy magicians whose tricks go far beyond pulling a quarter out from behind your ear. Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, and Isla Fisher co-star as his fellow Horsemen, and together they're hoping to pull off the biggest burglary ever. What could be bigger than making it rain stolen money on their giant audience after teleporting a volunteer to rob a bank as part of a show?

That's what FBI Agent Dylan Hobbs (Mark Ruffalo) and Interpol's Alma Vargas (Melanie Laurent) hope to find out. If your suspects can escape from anything and have already stolen a cool $140 million from one Arthur Tressler, a fancy banker played by Michael Caine, well, you've got to get on the ball ASAP. Luckily, Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) is here to advise them on how magicians get up to their wacky hijinks. But is this really a case of smoke and mirrors, or something much wilder?

Louis Leterrier is directing, and given his work on the two "Transporter" movies and "Clash of the Titans," "Now You See Me" looks like it will be big and flashy. The screenwriters are a wild bunch of guys with an interesting list of credits to their names; Boaz Yakin wrote and directed "Safe" with Jason Statham, Ed Solomon is behind "Charlie's Angels," "Men in Black," and "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," while Edward Ricourt is a relative newcomer to the game.

"Now You See Me" will appear in theaters (hopefully without a puff of smoke) on May 31.

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