As proof that no fad ever truly dies, the brightly-haired Troll Dolls that were popular in the '60s and again in the '90s are coming back again -- and this time, they'll be bigger than ever on the movie screen.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks Animation has bought the rights to the popular toys and plans to create movie and TV franchises.

The original doll was created in 1959 by Danish fisherman Thomas Dam, who based it on a girl from Scandinavian legend. The plastic versions, with their shock of hair and jeweled bellies, became a huge fad in the 1960s, which was revived in the '90s with video games and a TV special.

Now, Dreamworks hopes to bring the Trolls to a new audience with movies and a children's TV series. "American Girl" doll veteran Shawn Dennis will oversee the adaptations, but no definite timelines or plans were announced.

Taking advantage of nostalgia is nothing new in Hollywood, of course. Michael Bay is producing a live-action "Ninja Turtles" movie, which joins other '80s/'90s favorites that have been turned into movies like "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe."

[via THR]
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