Hey, is someone cutting onions in here? The latest "Man of Steel" trailer dropped last night, and it's got us all choked up.

On Monday, we got a very creepy glimpse of General Zod (Michael Shannon), who promised us lots of doom and gloom if we continued to harbor one of his citizens. Now we've got a better look at the guy that Zod's so hot to find, one "Man of Steel" -- actually, it's a baby of steel at first. As Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer) tearfully cast their infant into space, Jor-El declares, "He'll be a god to them!" To be fair, Henry Cavill does look fairly godlike in Superman's blue tights or when he's shirtless and lifting up really heavy things.

This is the longest trailer for "Man of Steel" yet, and although it uses some of the same footage we've already seen, we finally get a look at General Zod (Michael Shannon) in full effect, as well as more from Lois Lane (Amy Adams). No one really had any question that Shannon would bring the full scenery-chewing nuttiness to Zod, and now we can confirm that he's giving Terence Stamp a run for his Kryptonite.

Some folks had been skeptical of Amy Adams as Lois Lane, which was ridiculous from the get-go. This trailer gives us even more of a feeling for her Lois, which will obviously be awesome and quell any grumblings from the peanut gallery.

This trailer has it all: Action, bombastic music, romantic tension, emotional torment, and one person's search for meaning. Can we wait until June 14th? We'll have to.

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