Happy Birthday Superman! 75 years ago, the last son of Krypton made his debut in Action Comics. Over the decades Superman has become one of the most iconic of superheroes. Red cape fluttering in the wind, Superman (aka Kal-El, Clark Kent) is also seen as an iconic American figure.

But Superman has some surprising ties to Canada. While creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel were both from Cleveland, Shuster was actually born in Toronto and spent plenty of time in the city. He even worked briefly at the Toronto Daily Star and the paper served as an inspiration for the Daily Planet (Shuster originally named the fictional paper the Daily Star) and Superman's alter-ego reporter Clark Kent.

Shuster said that Toronto, and not New York, served as the visual inspiration for Metropolis.

"Cleveland was not nearly as metropolitan as Toronto was, and it was not as big or as beautiful. Whatever buildings I saw in Toronto remained in my mind and came out in the form of Metropolis," he said in an interview.

Shuster became one of the pioneers of Canadian comics and lent his name to Joe Shuster Awards for comic creators.

Shuster's story was also immortalized in a Heritage Minute (seen above) where an actor portraying the Superman co-creator talks about creating a hero that's "faster than a speeding bullet," and can "leap over tall buildings."

Of course, Superman's Canadian ties don't end with Shuster. Superman's love interest in the iconic 1978 films, was played by Canadian actress Margot Kidder. This fan page also lists the Canadian writers and artists who have worked on the iconic hero over the years.

Superman returns to the big screen this summer in "Man of Steel." check out screenshots and videos from the upcoming film below:
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Man of Steel
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