A new trailer for the upcoming Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson comedy "The Internship" gives us a closer look at what exactly the pair is up to at their eponymous gig at Google.

The former salesmen -- forced to take an internship when their company goes under -- are thrust into an unfamiliar world at the search engine giant, forced to work customer service for Gmail and play company-sponsored Quidditch. As Wilson puts it, they're competing in "some sort of mental Hunger Games" against their fellow interns to claim a coveted permanent job at the company -- and their younger rivals are wiping the floor with them.

The spot rehashes some of the gags from the first trailer -- that "fisting" joke is both giggle- and groan-inducing -- while shining a spotlight on some of the film's other characters, including a sarcastic Google higher-up played by Rose Byrne. Wilson and Vaughn's charming, rapid-fire chemistry is on full display, though it remains to be seen whether this fish-out-of-water premise can sustain an entire movie.

We'll find out soon. Search for "The Internship" in theaters June 7.

[via Slash Film]
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